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Japanese Snacks & Sweets, Now Delivered to Your Home Overseas

Searching for something yummy to crunch while binge-watching a series this weekend? Or just looking for any delish chew new to your taste buds?

You can never go wrong with the popular Japanese snacks and sweets. This Asian chow is renowned around the world for its sophisticated and unique style, flavor, and taste. Likewise, their food is delicately made for even the simplest treats. 

Though you may not be able to travel the world and grab some of these mouth-watering treats, multiple stores with delivery services have got you covered. It will just take you a few clicks, without fuss and muss, to avail one brought directly to your door.

Craving for Japanese snacks & sweets? Get them delivered to your door!

Did you know that a “Surprise” box full of Japanese treats can be delivered to your home once a month, for a really reasonable price?

While there are countless places to shop popular Japanese snacks and sweets in the country, nothing beats online shopping. Ditch the several-hour flight and have your orders delivered straight to your home.

Here are some of the known snack crates that you may visit online if you’re planning to suffice your cravings:

Japan Candy Box

With Japan Candy Box, you get the most popular & trendy sweets every month

Get your monthly sweet dose directly from Japan with Japan Candy Box. Gift yourself with a multitude of popular Japanese snacks and sweets.

You can choose among their three subscriptions: one, six, and twelve-month plan. You will get a box of 10 Japanese treats delivered to you every month. The cost is between $19.90 to $24.90 USD per month depending on the subscription length, and the shipping is free!


  • Tons of fun and delicious items with distinct brands
  • Each box includes limited seasonal and exclusive Japanese sweets
  • popular and trendy snacks


  • No customizable box options
  • Not ideal for people with dietary restrictions or preferences
  • Japan Candy Box may not be a good choice if you are looking for more traditional Japanese snacks


Bokksu delivers exclusive Japanese snacks to your home worldwide

Savor magical Japanese bites with Bokksu. Taste assorted and exclusive pairs of food and tea (Both nowhere else to find!) under different monthly themes, just picked for you.

Avail either from their Classic or Tasting subscriptions, if you wanted to receive a monthly treat. Classic is a larger box with 20 to 25 premium foods, while Tasting is cheaper with 10 to 14 goodies. Meanwhile, switch to the Gift Box if you prefer a one-time payment only.


  • Curated rare artisanal snacks
  • Huge selection of products organized in multiple categories
  • Sale section for low-cost steals
  • Cultural guide booklet


  • No customizable box options
  • Not ideal for people with dietary restrictions or preferences

My Japan Box

Experience the fun vibes with My Japan Box. Their boxes go beyond snacks and sweets. Actually they are a one-stop-shop featuring the goods from the country’s heart: anime products, and special boxes featuring tea, or ramen, in addition to assorted snacks and sweets.

Cooler part? They have specific boxes containing 5 to 20 of only candy, tea, Kitkat, or ramen if you’re getting picky at the moment. Food and snack options consisting of assorted consumables are also available.

Freely pick among their monthly subscriptions: three, six, and twelve-month plans. My Japan Box also offers one-time box without subscription.


  • Specific food boxes (e.g. candy box, ramen box, etc)
  • Multiple themed boxes aside from food (e.g. anime box)
  • Also offers one-time box, with no obligation to subscribe


  • No customizable box options
  • Some special themed boxes are priced higher

Popular Japanese snacks & sweets

While there are a lot of popular Japanese snacks and sweets, here are the refined top unmissable Japanese treats that you must give each try.

?1. Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato (Meiji)

Source: Meiji official website

Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato are long seller chocolate biscuit snacks that you can find at every supermarket or combini store. These two confectioneries gained popularity with their cutest little appearances at affordable prices. Indulge yourself with the irresistible taste of these chocolate-covered biscuits sweetened just perfectly.

Fun Facts:

  • There is a silly and old age debate stirring between these two iconic brands in Japan, which even leads to a national election.
  • Takenoko means “bamboo shoots” while Kinoko translates to “mushroom”, which resemble their looks.

Price: The original package costs 200 Japanese yen.

Tip: While Takenoko was the one with the most votes, you cannot miss trying the Kinoko too. I bet you that you would regret it!

?2. Pocky (Glico)

Different flavors of Pocky (Glico Pocky official website)

Finish your scrumptious meal or sneak your midnight snacks with these stick-shaped crackers. Pocky comes with countless frostings, ranging from traditional ones like chocolate and matcha (green tea) to modern tastes like wine and cheesecake.

Glico released a new line of Pocky called “Jimoto Pocky” – they are Pocky with special local flavors from different regions in Japan, and available only in those regions. For example, “Yubari Melon” Pocky is only purchasable in Hokkaido, where the famous sweet Yubari Melons are grown.

These are great souvenirs to buy if you visit these regions!

Pocky with special local flavors (Glico Pocky official website)

Fun Facts:

  • In Japan, November 11 is “Pocky Day”.
  • Pocky’s manufacturer Glico was built in 1922, gone through WWII, and came back stronger.

Tip: If you are confused about which to choose among the countless Pocky kinds, pick the Giant Dream. Each box contains a rainbow of flavors: chocolate, strawberry, green tea, cantaloupe, and grape savors.

?3. Jagariko (Calbee)

Calbee Jagariko basic flavors (Calbee Jagariko Web)

Loved by most Japanese and foreigners, Jagariko is not your ordinary potato chips stored in small cup-like packages. Crunch this finger-length and pencil-thick shaped french fries while studying and working.

Jagariko comes often in limited versions for certain period of time. These limited versions have unique local flavors from special regions in Japan, and available only in these regions. It makes Jagariko a great inexpensive souvenirs 🙂

Fun Facts:

  • Since 1949, Calbee, a Japan-based company, has produced dainty crisps that have become famous all over Asia until now.
  • Dive into the different variants of Jagariko. Try the bizarre salad flavor, made with healthy bits of carrots and parsley.

Tip: Tightly sealed the pack if you plan to eat Jagariko for another round to avoid stale taste and rubbery texture.

4. Tokyo Banana

Source: Tokyo Banana world website

This is great for those who want a historic munch. Considered as wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), Tokyo Banana is a subtly hand-crafted, silken cake filled with oozing custard cream. Exquisite food art classified as one of the popular Japanese snacks and sweets!

Fun Fact:

  • Obvious from the name, it is a banana-shaped goodie exclusive in Tokyo since 1991.
  • Tokyo Banana is a perfect omiyage (gifted souvenir), abundantly available in flavors and unique designs, best to give your loved ones and family.

Tip: This Japanese treat lasts well only for about a week. Be mindful of the expiration date especially when you’re planning to make it as a present.

5. Japanese KitKat (Nestle)

Varieties of Japanese Kitkat (Nestle)

We will not end this list without the foundation of all the popular Japanese snacks – KitKat. KitKat is a well-known global brand, but in Japan KitKat evolved in a very different way from the rest of the world.

In addition to the original flavor and the popular Matcha or raspberry flavors, in Japan you can find KitKats with surprising flavors – Yogurt+Sake, Tokyo Banana (read above!), Yuzu+Sake, Strawberry cheesecake, Onsen Manju, wasabi, apple…etc. Many of these special flavors are limited editions available in certain regions in Japan.

Rejoice with this all-time favorite chocolate wafer bar!

Fun Facts:

  • After being established in the 1970s, Kitkat now has over 300 (Yes, 300!) unique flavors such as matcha, sakura (cherry blossom), cookies and cream, and wasabi.
  • Kitkat Japan gives back. For instance, it has an advocate that for every sold KitKat Ocean Salt bag, it will donate 10 yen to an entity that cleans the country’s oceans.

Tip:  Pause for a moment and savor the aroma as you open the KitKat’s wrapper. Note that the regular KitKats do not have a similar scent like those from the Japanese ones!

Japanese snacks and sweets – different level of fun and craziness to enjoy

Exploring the country while manually handpicking different and rare food gems is fun. But nothing is more exciting than hearing your doorbell rings with a food box awaiting outside.

What’s more crazy? If you open the box and find the enticing Japanese treats inside like Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama, Pocky, Jagariko, Tokyo Banana, and KitKat, not to mention other thousands of luscious Japanese must-tries.

So if you’re dying for some popular Japanese snacks and sweets right now, no worries! Posting orders in some Japanese food crates like Bokksu, Kawaii Box, and My Japan Box will take you only a few clicks. Plus, global shipping is free! So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!