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Popular Nightclubs in Tokyo


When in Tokyo, one of the most vibrant cities, it is impossible to not look out for its nightlife! Unlike the west, most clubs in Tokyo are designed to span over several floors and have a Japanese-Western touch to it. Laser flares, animated screens, superior sound quality! And I haven’t begun describing the moods yet. Let’s dive straight into knowing about the must-visit clubs in Tokyo.

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A-life, Nishiazabu

Offering Tokyo’s largest dance floor to make it a must-go club is the alife ! Three level dance floor with a tinge of elegance gives you all the music you need. Main and lounge floor tunes to tech and deep house music while the second-floor dances to hip-hop, trap bass and reggaeton. One amongst the early opening clubs, this one opens at 9 pm. Enjoy all-you-can-drink options from 9 pm to 11 pm before shaking your leg on the dance floor! On a typical weekend, the entry for girls is ¥4000 and for guys is ¥5000, including two drinks. A bit pricey, but worth it! These prices do change depending on the time of the year.

DiA, Roppongi

Stop at DiA if you are looking for impressive food and excellent music at fair prices! Latin influenced food menu is sheer bliss. I visit here when I want to find an international crowd. It attracts savvy travelers from Asia and beyond, as well as locals because of the new style ambiance. Amongst the three floors, the third one is the actual DiA.
DiA is also one of those clubs having Dannic play regularly :O Do check out their fancy websites!

Ageha, Shin Kiba

Talk about providing convenience to customers! Ageha offers free bus service from Shibuya. This one too offers three dance floors along with the pool area. It has a peppy vibe and has something for all tastes, for weird ones like me too!
They also organize regular fun events over the weekends. And ladies! Do check out their hidden lockable room from the washroom. Door entries during events are usually around ¥4500 here.

Tokyo nightclub ageha

Womb, Shibuya

If you resonate with electronic and techno music, you need to visit Womb in Shibuya. Sundays are EDM nights! Nevertheless, Womb furnishes a great variety on each of its four floors. Huge screen and the mirror ball add a glittery spark to the main floor. No wonder this club usually ranks on the top on popular review websites. By far, Womb has been the best representation of nightclubs in Tokyo. I couldn’t take myself away from the place!

Ele Tokyo, Azabujuban

The first impression of ELE for me was its free entry for women! This is a reasonably cheap getaway for people into EDM with ¥3000 entry including 1 drink for men. Sparkling LED lights on the floor give the kick people need to get their bodies moving. Although ELE has a high rating and is extremely popular, “Sundays closed” gives me irksome feeling.

Vision, Shibuya

In the heart of Shibuya, a capacity of more than 1500, and ¥1000 off for travelers. What else does a tourist need! Also, I remember getting a birthday discount here. Since I don’t know of the high-end clubs offering such discounts, I give plus points to Vision for this. I enjoyed their glossy white lounge area too. A pure white in the middle of the club is soothing! Vision usually plays techno or hip-hop. One of the most trendy clubs I’ve ever been to. Listen up again, ladies! Free entry during their Girl’s Festival.

Atom Tokyo, Shibuya

Atom is usually very crowded on every single day of the week, due to cheap entrance charges. Plays mix music every day, but subfloors play different music each day. This is definitely an easy getaway on a regular day too. Also, I like the fact that they have many smoke free zones on the floor for the customers.

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V2 Tokyo, Roppongi

Located in the heart of Roppongi with a view of Tokyo skyline, V2 has an elegant plush standard. A must visit! Music at V2 is always top 40 w/ EDM and a little hip-hop, so basically a little bit of everything. Again, for ladies, they have free entries. For men, the entrance fee is ¥3500 on Fridays and weekends, and ¥2000 on a weekday. You might want to check their dress code as they don’t allow quite a lot of apparel.

Club Camelot, Shibuya

I can visit the ‘Ultimate Saturdays’ event at Camelot again and again for a mix of house and hip-hop! Like V2, they have a dress code too but I have never seen them enforce it strictly.

10AK Tokyo, Roppongi

Laying stronghold on Tokyo shores now, this NYC based club is an exceptional example of the style. The thought in design and layout of 10AK is commendable.
On busy days, you might need to dress to impress to get an entry (which hurts). Go in for some EDM and occasional light music!

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If you are a tourist, definitely look for Tokyo club/bar crawl events. These are basically club hopping and are designed to pick only the best ones from the list. Do not forget to carry your ID.
If you are reading this, you are surely looking out for the great nightlife experiences. Have a great one! 🙂

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