I had stayed in overseas for 11 years and I have noticed how good Japanese food and drink cultures are!

I have been to so many nice restaurants, Ramen stores (I'm trying to eat one bowl of ramen a day and post this photo on Instagram!) and bars (Several friends run their bars as an owner bartender in Tokyo) for so many years and after I came back to Tokyo, I have focused to research Izakaya (Japanese style pub), restaurants, Ramen stores and bars, which are my passion of my life!

Now, it is the time to tell you about my experience of which bars and Ramen shops are good and what is nice Japanese drinks.

I highly recommend you to join the tour on the first night in Tokyo as I give you many tips, traveling Japan for sure!

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English, 日本語
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Food, drink and travel

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Offering: Tasing ALL TYPES of Sake with seminar
By Aki
5,000 JPY / person
Duration: 1.5 hours
Tokyo & around
Offering: Eat and Drink Like A LOCAL: Restaurant, Tavern & Ramen Tour
By Aki
5,000 JPY / person
Duration: 3 hours
Tokyo & around

2 Reviews (100% positive, 2/2)

We had a wonderful time with Aki on this experience! we enjoyed a very authentic evening, tasting a whole lot of different Japanese foods and drinks, which was delicious! Aki was so sweet and pleasant, knowledgeable and willing to answer any question. we had a great time!

26 days ago.

The evening was amazing! Hidden jems you could only find with a local! And we couldn't ask for a better guide than Aki. The food was delicious and unique, the drinks tasting was super fun. Aki explained everything and then evening got longer than expected. Highly recommended!!

27 days ago.