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Oko-Pa ? Tako-Pa ? (Okonomi Yaki or Tako Yaki)

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3 hours

What we will do

Let's cook together famous local cuisine

(Okonomi Yaki or TakoYaki) at our place!

You will start from chopping stuff to cook !

My wife and myself welcome to my house.

You can show your friends when you go back your home town how to cook!


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Hello all,

I am Mamoru, live in Osaka, who love cooking and drinking.

I am great fan of Cerezo Osaka ( Football team in Osaka city.)

Let's have fun together while you are visiting Osaka !

It's an amazing place to visit !

Where we will meet

Meet at Under Armour store along Nagahori St.

What I will provide

  • How to cook.
  • Beverage ( Non alcoholic / Beer / Oko Wine )
  • Recipe
  • Small Souvenir

What to bring

Nothing Particular ( Smartphone to take photo/video)


  • Please let us know Oko-Pa or TAKO-Pa
  • Gluten free , using YAM for Okonomi Yaki
  • Using other instead of flour for TakoYaki
  • If you have special request, let me know in advance.

( No Egg, pork, beef, shrimp, clam....)

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