Host FAQ

What is TripJunction?

TripJunction is a website where travelers from around the globe can find and book exciting activities offered by local people in Japan. We, as a marketplace platform, enable travelers to have authentic experiences in Japan while providing opportunities for locals to earn extra income by sharing their insights, expertise and spare time.

Become a TripJunction Guide

How do I sign up as a Guide?

Currently, we are open for pre-registration. It’s pretty easy to sign up as a TripJunction Guide. Just click here, and follow the simple steps.
P.S. It’s completely free to sign-up as a host 🙂

Who can become a TripJunction Guide?

Anyone who is up for sharing unique experiences with the travelers is indeed a good host. In addition, all our Guides meet the following standards too:

  • You love to meet new people
  • Communication is your strength and conversations are your soul food
  • You can communicate in Japanese and at least one foreign language. Our main languages are English, Korean and Chinese, but if you are interested in offering your experiences in any other language, you are welcome to do so as well! Please contact us!
  • You have good knowledge and insights as a local
  • You can dedicate quality time to give a great experience to the travelers
  • You are 18+ and are legally eligible to offer paid services in Japan
  • You have a bank account in Japan to receive your earnings from TripJunction

If I work as a Guide, does it mean I am TripJunction’s employee?

No. TripJunction solely provides a platform for you to advertise your services to the travelers visiting Japan. There is no employment agreement between TripJunction and the Guide. You provide your service as a freelancer and are solely responsible for:

  • Customizing the experience you want to provide
  • Managing your bookings
  • Directly communicating with the guests, the travelers
  • Declaring your taxes as per the applicable law

What services does TripJunction offer to the Guides?

Services offered to the Guides by TripJunction includes:

  • An easy-to-use platform to receive and manage bookings
  • Promotional activities for your experiences using various marketing channels
  • Excellent customer service
  • Secure payments between Guests and Guides
  • Special benefits for our ambassador guides

I have a full time job, can I still offer an experience?

Yes, unless your full-time work legally forbids you to do so. You are the master of your own time and availability. If time crunch is an issue, you can choose to host experiences in the evenings, like bar hopping or food tours, or during the weekends. It’s all up to you! : )

Do I need a license to guide foreign tourists in Japan?

No. From January 4th 2018, it’s allowed to conduct guided tours for foreigners without any license. (Reference: Japan Tourism Agency website)

How long does it take for TripJunction to approve a Guide application?

First, you submit the application to tell us who you are.
Once your application is approved, we send you an email guiding to towards further steps. Don’t worry, it’ll be an easy-to-fill form to create the experience you want to offer.
After we review your information, we will contact you for an interview via Skype or KakaoTalk (video call).

Usually, this process takes about 1-2 weeks. Please note that we are currently in the pre-registration stage, and further verification might be required when you are fully onboard.

Why should I submit a copy of photo ID or Passport along with my picture?

We want to keep TripJunction a safe and fun marketplace for the hosts and the guests. In order to do that, we need to verify your personal information.

Offering Experiences

What kind of experiences can I offer on TripJunction?

You can offer various types of experiences, based on your interests and passion.

For example…
Art & Workshops
Food & Drinks
Fashion & Shopping
Photography tours
Sports & Wellness
Nature & Outdoor
Activity with kids

Any passion or interest can be turned into a worthwhile experience. Are you an enthusiastic jogger and know beautiful jogging courses? Do you enjoy cooking and hosting a dinner party? Do you want to lead a bicycle tour or an evening of Zen meditation? The options are literally endless!
Share your ideas with us and feel free to contact us if you need any help.

What information should I include in my experience listing?

Decription of your experience should include an overview of what you will do with your guests in your experience. You will fill in the details such as starting time, duration, meeting point, mode of transport, and other information you think is needed for a traveler to know. It is important to mention what is included in your experience, and what is not included in your experience. For example, if you are providing an izakaya tour which includes the cost of the first drink but not the food, please mention it explicitly.
In addition, any special requirements or restrictions related to your experience (like age limit) should be mentioned too.

Please note: To keep the platform safe and secure, TripJunction does not publish your contact information (email address or phone number) on the experience page or your profile page. Such personal contact information will only be shared between the host and the guest only after the booking is confirmed.

How can I determine the appropriate price for my experience?

As a host, you price your own experiences. Though there are no set rules for determining the appropriate fee, we recommend setting a reasonable price in accordance with the nature of the activity and the target population. Please consider the costs involved (if any), TripJunction’s commission, the tax you might be liable for, and the amount you wish to earn before setting the price per guest for your experience. Tips for setting an attractive price for your experience:
  • Check other people’s experience information and the price on the platform
  • If the guest and you would need to use public transportation, please mention it on the experience description page.
  • If you are offering a food tour, try to include the first drink and/or one dish in your experience price.
  • Consider providing group discounts

Can I use my car instead of public transportation?

We recommend using public transportation because driving around your guests may require a license.


How can I communicate with my guests prior to the experience?

You can contact your guests using TripJunction’s chat feature.

Being proactive to contact the guests after the booking, making an ice-breaking conversation, and communicating your excitement about hosting them will help you develop a healthy relationship with your guests. Respond to the queries your guests might have, and ask them if you need to know anything before meeting them.

Please note, Hosts cannot add their personal email address and telephone number in experience page. Also it is forbidden to exchange personal contacts between the hosts and the guests before booking. Your personal contact information will be shared with your guests only after a booking has been confirmed.

What should I do if I need to cancel a confirmed booking?

Hosts are expected to do their best to avoid canceling or changing the date of the confirmed booking, out of respect for their guests. However, if you have no choice but to cancel the confirmed booking, please contact your guests as well as TripJunction asap. When a host cancels a confirmed booking, the guests receive a full refund.

Payouts & Taxes & Fee

Does it cost money to list my experiences on TripJunction?

Listing your experiences on TripJunction is free! We charge 20% service fee as a platform commission on the price of experiences that are sold on TripJunction.

How do I get paid?

Your earnings are sent to your bank account registered on TripJunction after we confirm that your experience has been completed. If you do not have a bank account in Japan, please contact us.

Do I need to pay taxes on my earning?

Yes. You are solely responsible for declaring and paying all taxes according to your country’s laws.

Guides' Responsibility

When a booking is confirmed, an agreement is established between the Guide(you) and the Guest. Communicating with your guests and providing the experience is solely your responsibility. TripJunction does not bear any liability regarding the agreement formed between the Guide and the Guest.