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TripJunction is a marketplace where you can find and book unique local tours and activities offered by locals. In celebration of our launch, we are offering 5 free local experiences every month!

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Curious about what fun experiences you can enjoy? Here’s a sampling of some of our best.

Make savory pancakes ‘Okonomiyaki’ with a local Mom by Yumi
In this class, we’ll make Osaka-style okonomiyaki—the most popular, and definitely my favorite style.
Ramen Kitchen Experience by Frank
During this one-of-a-kind experience, make ramen in an actual ramen shop setting! This ramen shop has won several awards and is one of Tokyo’s best.
Local Bar Hopping To Hidden Izakayas By Ajlejandro
I wanted to provide unforgettable experiences that no other guidebook or website can tell you.

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