About Us

About us

We connect travelers with locals in Japan who share similar interests

If you want to explore Japan a little deeper than what typical tourists do, or simply want to have fun with locals – TripJunction is the place to be!

At TripJunction, you can find unique activities offered by people living in Japan, who share the same interests as yours, and speaks your language.

If you are a rock music lover, you may want to explore the local rock scene with a like-minded rock fan. If you are a foodie, you will be excited to learn how to cook delicious home dishes. You may even want to venture a wild night out with local party goers!

With TripJunction you don’t have to spend time thinking and planning your trip to Japan. Simply choose what you want to explore, and you will meet a friendly guide – for unforgettable experiences that only locals can provide!

Our Vision

Make Travel More Personal

We established TripJunction with the vision to enable foreign tourists to Japan to enjoy local experiences with like-minded locals. Traveling with a local who share your interests and speak your language is the best way to experience a new place.

We would like to inspire people with dual-cultural / multi-cultural background in Japan to be a TripJunction guide, and show the real Japan to travelers who share the same cultural background.

Empower Women in Asia

As entrepreneurs, we know how rewarding it is to do something that contributes to the society. As mothers, we know how challenging it is to keep work-life balance!

We thrive to be a platform that provides opportunities for women to start own business as hosts and guides, by utilizing their talents, skills and passion. For this purpose, TripJunction is partnering with women organizations and individuals, to encourage women anywhere in Japan to create and offer their services in their own location.

Our Team

TripJunction was founded by two Asian women based in Israel.
Here we share a bit about ourselves 🙂

Miho Beck

CEO & Co-founder

After many years of working in marketing field with tech companies in Israel, I’ve decided to make a career change that match my expertise in digital marketing and my passion for travel.

I spent a large part of my 20s traveling in Asia and Europe, and was lucky enough to always find someone with whom to experience a bit of local life.

One weekend, I visited an English pub in a town near Manchester, which was owned by someone I met through the classified section of a Heavy Metal magazine (Yes I love heavy metal and punk rock). The place was a hangout spot for local bikers. Drinking beer with bunch of riders with long beards and leather jackets, with non-stop great music was certainly a special experience!

People travel because they want to experience something special, and that something special is not the same for everybody. Meeting and sharing experiences with locals who share your interests is the best way to do that.

Taejin Kim-Doron

COO & Co-founder

I moved to Israel from South Korea when I was 18. After graduating from Tel Aviv University with M.A in educational counseling, I established a company that provides Translation & Localization, Internet marketing, Business Development service for the Korean market.

As a long-time resident of Israel, I have had many opportunities to host and guide friends and business guests from Korea who visit Israel. My guests were amazed to take part in a Jewish ‘Shabbat’ dinner with locals. I shared my insights about life in Israel in Korean language, and we compared Korean and Israeli cultures, we laughed so much together. They were so delighted to have this experience and they said it was one of the most memorable moments they had abroad.

Over the years, I realized that most Korean travelers wanted to have the tour-guide in Korean language and preferably by a Korean national – by someone who can communicate with and understand them better.

Maybe YOU?

Working in TripJunction is more than just a job – it’s a great opportunity to be part of a great adventure! If you’re creative, energetic, hard-working, and are looking to make a difference in travel, get in touch with us.

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[글로벌 리포트] “韓·日 아줌마도 벤처 창업…이스라엘이라서 가능해요”


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Our Story

TripJunction, founded by two Asian women in the startup nation on a mission to enrich the
way you experience Japan

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