Tokyo Backstreets Bar Hopping - An Experience Example

Tokyo Backstreets Bar Hopping

An Example Experience

Tokyo Backstreets Bar Hopping

  • Location: Tokyo
  • Type of Experience: Nightlife
  • Price: USD $60
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Starting time: 19:00
  • Max participants: 4
  • Activity Photos:
  • Description:

The best way to communicate with Japanese locals is to share great food and drinks!

I will take you to several Japanese style casual bars and eateries (Izakaya) in Tokyo’s backstreets, where you can discover the real taste of Japanese culture. Small allies hidden between the modern buildings of Tokyo, with full of tiny bars and friendly people.

We will stroll around Omoide Yokocho, a narrow and lively alley full of small bars and eateries. The place emerged as black market during post-war time. Today it is popular for its nostalgic atmosphere among locals as a place to hang out and drink after work. You can taste authentic Japanese dishes from Yakitori skewers to Tempura along with cold beer at 2 bars we will stop.

Then we will walk through Kabuki Cho – Tokyo’s famous red-light district – and head to Golden Gai. There are more than 200 tiny and unique bars clustered along narrow passages, and it has the highest number of bars per square meter in the world. I will take you to some of my favorite bars!

  • About Me:

Hi I am Takashi. I grew up in Tokyo, and since my University time Shinjuku has been my playground. I know every corner of this lively neighborhood and would love to share some of my favorite places with you!

I lived in Seoul for 5 years so I can guide you in Korean, as well as in English.

I enjoy going out in the evenings to Izakaya (Japanese style bar/restaurant), it is almost my daily routine after work. I also enjoy sports and love to watch soccer games (I am a big fan of Real Madrid).

  • Where to meet:
JR Shunjuku Station, West Exit
  • What I will provide:

Guide fee, One drink (under 500 yen) at the first bar

  • What to bring:

First drink is on me! Bring some cash for additional food and drinks. Please wear comfortable shoes to stroll around the streets!

  • Notes:

This tour is for people over age 18. You must be at least 20 years old to have alcoholic drinks.
If you are allergic to any food, please let me know in advance.

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