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Make Japanese bento lunch at home kitchen!

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I'll show you how to make your own bento ー Japanese boxed meal.

In this session, you will create several dishes such as a Japanese egg omelette, karaage ー deep fried chicken, fish, some vegetable dishes, cute rice balls, and miso soup from scratch.

Making Dashi ー Japanese soup stock—is also included in this course. Hands-on cooking time is around two hours, and then we’ll enjoy eating the homemade dishes together. Our goal is to share a precious, fun, and unforgettable time with people from different cultural backgrounds. Bringing back a cooking skill will be the BEST souvenir for your family and friends!

가이드 소개

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I'm a home chef and I run a home cooking event in Osaka. Having a meal can sometimes be a just routine task in our daily life. But if we appreciate it, it becomes very precious, especially when we are with others.

I wish to share this special time with many people from all over the world. I look forward to cooking with you.

만나는 장소

It takes approximately 20 minutes to get here by subway from central Osaka. We will meet at Fukaebashi station then we will walk 5 minutes to our home kitchen. Osaka Castle Park is nearby, and I recommend you visit there after cooking.


・all ingredients


・drinks ( Japanese green tea and water )

・kitchen tools

여행자가 준비해야 하는 사항

・hair tie (for long hair)


Please kindly note that due to safety reasons, those who are under 10 years old are not accepted to the class. We accept only those who attend the class.

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I had the most wonderful experience learning to make bento with Yui. She’s very friendly, welcoming, helpful, and passionate about sharing Japanese cooking skills. The meal was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this activity to anyone who visits Osaka!
10월 21, 2019

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