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Tokyo tour with professional photographer

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I would like to take natural photos of you while you are appreciating different beautiful places of Tokyo, or if you are just photography lover and you are looking for special places to take some nice photographs by yourself, I can show you Tokyo from my eyes.

You'll have Tokyo as your background for a series of pictures that I'll shoot. I am pursuing for natural photographs that I follow you without knowing wherever you go.

If you have any preferences or poses, I will also arrange it on request.

Now I am offering a special rate to celebrate TripJunction's Launch (until September).

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안녕하세요 저는 지상훈입니다. 일본에 거주한지는 15년이 되었습니다. 일본회사에서 일하면서 평일밤과 주말에 사진과 영상 작업팀을 운영하고 있습니다. 15년전 시부야에 있는 어학교를 다닌게 계기로 주로 시부야 부근에서 많은 활동을 하고 있습니다.

한국어와 일본어 (간단한 영어)로 가이드가 가능합니다. 20년간 취미로 사진을 찍고 있으며, 현재는 프로 포토그래퍼로 근무 하고있습니다. 제 인스타그램을 보시면 주로 어떤 사진을 많이 찍는지 보실수 있습니다. 일본에 오시는 분들에게 즐거운 추억을 선물해 드리고 싶습니다.

Hello I am Ji Sang Hoon. I have lived in Japan for 15 years. I work in a Japanese company and working as a photographer in evening time on weekdays and on weekends. I have been doing a lot of activities near Shibuya since I attended a language school in Shibuya 15 years ago.

I can guide you in Korean, Japanese and English (My English is not great but I can communicate with you). When you look at my Instagram, you can see what kind of pictures I take mostly. I would like to present you joyful memories to those who come to Japan.

만나는 장소

Shibuya JR station, Tokyo. Please take the Hachiko Statue exit. I will wait for you on the bench just behind the Hachiko Statue


Camera and Photography

Guide fee

You have to choose 20 photos to be edited and after editing I'll send you

여행자가 준비해야 하는 사항

Any accessories if you would like to use


You can choose the place: Shibuyam Harajuku, Daikan yama, Ebisu, Nakameguro and ect. Please contact me!

2 Reviews

Thank you amazing IKE for a great hour. You are such an amazing photographer and I had a great time with you. It was funny and fun! Thank you for letting us know the city through your camera and having fantastic shots as well . You are definitely the best!!! Thank you!!!
8월 7, 2019
Ike is very friendly, know his erea very well. Super nice guy and amazing photographer. Thank you for an amazing experience.
8월 7, 2019

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