Make Riceball 'Onigiri' With Local Mom

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In this class, we will cook “Onigiri” and “Miso-soup” and “Atsuyaki-tamago (Japanese omelet).

And the end of this class, Let’s eat them together, and Japanese sweet dessert too!

In this experience, we will make the simplest, yet best, of Japanese comfort food.

It seems easy to make onigiri rice balls…and, well, it is, as long as you know the right way to make them.

I’ll teach you how to use our own hands to shape the rice into triangular balls. Once you get it, you’ll be an onigiri master.

I’ll prepare several kinds of ingredients for you to put inside the onigiri. You’ll learn that the different ways of onigiri depend on the ingredients.

After you master it, you can make your own onigiri to bring to your work or school like we do in Japan.

가이드 소개

Yumi portrait1 2

Hello! I’m YUMI!

I’ve lived in Asakusa for 17 years and a mother of two teenagers

When I was a university student, I visited various countries as a backpacker. The scenes I saw there, delicious foods and, above all, the people who warmly welcome me… These experiences and encounters are my roots and treasures.

In the summer of 2017, I went to Taiwan as a backpacker for the first time in 23 years. I was looking forward to going to the nice restaurant I had visited before and seeing the owner of the bar who I had played with…. As the town has developed, I found that the town no longer has any vestige of the old days. But I was warmly welcomed by the town.

This trip triggered me to start this activity, for I have a sense of discomfort with the fact that I can’t reproduce any cuisine even though I traveled around the world and ate delicious foods there many times. For people who love Japan and come to Japan repeatedly, I would like to make a place that they can come back to! The place where accept them with “Welcome back!” no matter how many years pass by! Furthermore, I would like to make an opportunity that people can taste “Japan” when they are back home.

I offer travelers in ASAKUSA this activity as an event and a place to return, and to have a special local experience and communication. As long as I have breath, I remain in ASAKUSA. No matter how old I get, I’ll welcome you with “Welcome back!”

만나는 장소

We’ll be cooking in my kitchen studio in Asakusa. It takes only 7 minutes to get here by foot from Iriya station (Hibiya Line/Metro) and 13 minutes from Uguisudani station (Yamanote Line/JR). Our place is quite easy to find but if you happen to get lost, please feel free to message me.


◎ A fun cooking class

◎ Food: All ingredients

◎ Drinks: Japanese tea

◎ Drink all the tea you like. Sake and beer are available at an additional price.

◎ Equipment : A Japanese placemat. You can take it home with you.

여행자가 준비해야 하는 사항

Bring your camera and curiosity.


Let me know in advance if you have any dietary requests.

1 Review

Yumi's class was such great fun! Yumi is very kind and thoughtful. I'm a vegitarian and she adjusted the ingredients to fit my needs. While cooking she explained everything about the meal and about the Japanese home cooking, which made it that much more interesting. I've learned so much and will use my new skills back at home. Thank you!
7월 31, 2019

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