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Tsumami-zaiku, it’s a traditional Japanese craft using small squared pieces of cloth that is pinched and folded with tweezers. No needles or thread!! It originated about 200 years ago during the Edo period:)

It’s used by Geisha and Maiko as hair ornaments and accessories for Kimono. Nowadays Tsumami Zaiku accessories are getting popular for uses in regular occassions.

At Tsumami-zaiku class, you can make a beautiful flower of either magnet, corsage or hair tie. Hair tie can be a bag charm:)

1, Choose your fabric (a special type of fabric called Chirimen). There are various colours so you can pick your favorite colour;)

2, Practice how to fold and glue then give it a try!! It may be a bit tricky at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it:)

3, Glue them together to make a flower and place on the base (magnet, corsage or hair tie).

4, Choose pearls or beads and put it in the middle of flower.

Done!! It takes about 1-1,5 hours.

가이드 소개

Wakana 1

Hi, I’m Wakana.

I was born and grew up here in Tokyo. I’ve lived in Australia and Canada to study English.

I really like to meet new people, make friends and talk about different cultures. At the moment I offer Calligraphy, Cooking, Origami and Tsumami-zaiku workshops.

I am a licensed calligraphy instructor. I’ve been learning Japanese Calligraphy (“Shodo”) since I was 8 years old.

I also studied Nutrition and have worked as a dietitian. I love to eat, I live to eat!! If you like fish, I can take you to the best Japanese restaurant!

I want to introduce Japanese culture in a fun way. My main goal is to help visitors to Japan have a memorable time here:)

만나는 장소

The workshop is held in central Tokyo, it’s about 10 minutes away from Akihabara or Ueno.


◎Tsumami Zaiku workshop

◎Fabrics and tools to make your own accessory

여행자가 준비해야 하는 사항

Please do not come barefoot as it will be held in a local home otherwise you need to purchase socks.


For security purposes, I will ask you to send a photo of your photo ID.

1 Review

Very lovely time spent with Wakana doing traditional japanese handicraft. Had a very good time and she is so sweet! thanks a lot!
8월 2, 2019

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