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Little Edo - Kawagoe City Walk

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A perfect half-day trip from Tokyo!

Kawagoe is a town in Saitama prefecture, 40 min away from central Tokyo. It is called 'Little Edo', because the town has the ambience of 17th-19th century Tokyo.

I will show you the charm of Kawagoe town - old and new.

We will stroll around the streets where you can feel atmosphere of Edo period, stopping at several instagram-perfect local spots.

Then I will show you the modern side of Kawagoe, where local people hang around.

We will also stop in one of my favorite Izakaya at the end of the tour.

I love Kawagoe because it's compact, yet has lots of attractions. If you are a bit tired of the high energy of bustling Tokyo, I recommend you a visit :)

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Hi! I am Kewpie :)

I have lived all my life in Saitama, the prefecture next to Tokyo. Some people may say that there is nothing exciting about it, but it is not true! I would love to show the attraction of a suburban town. It is also your chance to see everyday real life.

I am a graphic artist by profession, and I love drawing and painting.

만나는 장소

Honkawagoe Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line


・A guide in Kawagoe

・One drink at Izakaya

여행자가 준비해야 하는 사항

Nothing special, but I recommend to bring some cash if you want to buy something, as not all shops accept credit cards.

Bring a camera (or your smartphone :))


・We will walk a lot, so please come in comfortable shoes.

・Children are welcome. If they are over 13, please count in for number of people to book. Under 13 is free :) Please do let me know if you are bringing children.

1 Review

For my first time booking this kind of activity, this actually sets a benchmark. Yuko was amazing! We had a great conversation and she made every effort to make my tour unforgettable and gave many tips and knowledge as a local. Since its my second time around in Tokyo, I wanted to have more local experience. I will definitely do it again the second time around. Thank you very much Yuko.
7월 16, 2019

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