Fushimi inari shrine

Only one group per tour - A hidden hike of Fushimi Inari

Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
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Nature & Sports
3.5 hours

What we will do

NOTICE : This is private tour up to 6 guests. A representative of the group book and can bring up to 5 guests.

Don't get caught standing in a crowd of tourists trying to get a good photo. This is the tour at Fushimi Inari which goes off paved paths, onto actual forest trails.

On this tour I will guide you around Fushimi Inari and Mt. Inari. You will learn Japanese native religion, Shinto.

・Begin the tour at the world famous shrine, Fushimi Inari shrine. We'll walk around at the shrine, hike at Mt. Inari and will see the thousands of vermilion Shinto gates, a Shinto waterfall and a bamboo forest tourists never could find. You'll hear and learn what Shinto(Japanese native religion) is.


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Hi there, my name is Ken. I am a local of Kyoto who is deeply fascinated by the city, its history, and its culture. I'm especially into the Geisha culture, and the lifestyle and tradition of these Japanese entertainers.

Where we will meet

Let's meet up at the entrance gate of Fushimi Inari shrine right in front of JR Inari station. If you take -the JR railway line, please take the Nara line and get off at JR Inari station. -the Keihan railway line, please take the main line somewhere, get off at Fushimi Inari station and walk 5min to the entrance gate of the shrine in front of JR Inari station.

What I will provide

Interesting histories of Fushimi Inari.

A small secret gift.

What to bring

A bottle of water.

Some snack.


Please note that I always try to avoid canceling, but in some cases, like a typhoon, it’s needed.

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