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Osaka Hair Salon Experience and Meet Professional hair designers

Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
Anime & Pop Culture
4 hours

What we will do

Visit one of the Top 10 hair salons in Osaka (one beauty salon)

Japan's latest beauty technology experience, cut, pump, dye, etc. discussed and conducted in advance

Propose one of TOP 10 hair salons best suited to your wishes

Provide detailed information, such as the price of use, and provide interpretation on the same day.

  • Options: Visit Namba's famous beauty parlor (requires passport presentation)

Minimum of 2 to 10 persons

Where we will meet

I'll contact the people who are coming and decide where to meet.

What I will provide

make a reservation at hair salon


Direction guidance

What to bring

Procedure cost(cash or card)


Where should I go depending on the beauty salon?

Where is the hair salon that I want to be good at styling?

I'll give you some information on the ranking TOP 10 of Osaka's hair salon!

If you give me detailed information with the price of the hair salon, please let me know which one you want!

As well as reservations to a hair salon, you can accompany them on the day for detailed styling.

I'll translate it for you, too!

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