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Jogging with a local in beautiful Japanese park

Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
2 hours

What we will do

Did you ever dream to experience [Japan] differently?

Away from tourist and typical tourist places? Are you enjoying to do sports?

Let’s meet for a great one hour work out. We will meet in one of my favourite places for 5 km jogging, probably we will have a chance to say hello to my fellow joggers

I like to run when most people are still sleeping, and the rising sun colours the magnificent monuments. But if you prefer other time, please contact me and I will arrange it for you.

After running time, we will have a short bootcamp session. Don’t worry about that! you will have a reward after this! Fresh fruit juice and healthy snacks!

I really want to share with you my passion in sports and Japanese life.

I have planned carefully every step of this running tour for you to have the maximum fun and work out in same time!

And one more thing... every participation will receive from me a photo of you run in beautiful Japanese park as a small gift from me

★ TripJunction is currently looking for local people who want to guide jogging tour in the area!

If you are interested, contact us at!


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Hi! We are TripJunction.

We are dedicated to catering curious and adventurous travelers by introducing unique and exciting local experiences offered by locals in Japan!

Are you looking for fun things to do during your trip to Japan? Tell us what you want to do! We have many activities created by locals who are just waiting to show you their passion :)

We are always looking for inspiring locals in Japan. If you have a language skill and passion to share your world with travelers from across the globe - join us and be a TripJunction Guide! :)


What I will provide

Snacks and Drinks

What to bring

*Please show up wearing appropriate sportswear and shoes. We are indeed running :)

*I do not have a place to store luggage, please come with what you can actually carry while running.

*Please bring a towel.


Let me know your fitness level (1-5; 5 =super fit, so I can design the workout accordingly).

Let me know if you have any food allergy.

This activity is not suitable for people with health problems.

Please make sure you have a proper travel insurance.

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