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Vegan Sushi Cooking in Niigata

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3.5 hours

What we will do

A master sushi chef has created a vegan version of Japan's most famous dish -Sushi!

And now it is your chance to learn how to make them directly from the man himself!

Sushi which is synonymous with fish to many, was actually made with vegetables and wild mountain shrubs in the mountainous regions of Japan in the past. Which makes this learning experience actually a very traditional art.

As the nature rich region of Tokamachi is famous for its high quality vegetables and rice, it is an ideal location to try many varieties of vegetables in this traditional form of preserved food.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to taste and learn this healthy and delicious form of sushi from a master of this craft!


  1. Learn the art to making delicious vegan sushi
  1. Explore the flavours of Tokamachi’s vegetables
  1. Exquisite food, minus the guilt!
  1. You can even harvest your own veggies in the summer and autumn seasons

Great for:

  1. People that want to have a broader vegan recipe repertoire
  1. Healthy eaters
  1. Sushi lovers
  1. Those in search of an exceptional vegan experience

*The menu changes based on the vegetables in season.


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My name is Akira - I have a travel company in Tokamachi, a beautiful town located in Niigata prefecture.

Had worked in sales for nearly 10 years after graduation. While visiting Tokamachi for business frequently, I met various people and participated Japan Community Revitalizing Program there from 2015.

During working as JCRP participant, I always asked myself: “Isn’t it so hard for just an employee of a company to change the community? What is really needed for this town?” Thus, I decided to start up a company with the team members who share the same vision - to share the beauty of the local culture of Tokamachi with people from all around the globe.

Where we will meet

[ How to get to Tokamachi ]

Tokamachi is a town in Niigata prefecture.

From Tokyo

JR Tokyo station - JR Echigo-Yuzawa station: 90min by Shinkansen

JR Echigo-Yuzawa station - Tokamachi station: 25min by Hokuhoku Line

What I will provide

  • Cooking lesson
  • Ingredients
  • Insurance
  • Apron


Kindly note that:

-Please indicate in the remarks section of your registration if you have any allergies for food and others or health complications.

-You may not be able to participate in this plan if you have any health hazards that can risk the safety and health of all participants, also if you are under 18 without a guardian.

-In case we have to cancel the event due to lack of participants, we will inform you and refund the participation fee, but do not take any responsibility for travel fee or other costs.

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