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Local Bar Hopping Tour in Tokamachi

Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
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4 hours

What we will do

Discover the hidden snow country bars in Tokamachi, Niigata

Explore local bars in Tokamachi, Niigata, where normal tourists are not familiar with, but actually has many great bars.


-Enjoy authentic food & drinks from this snowy region that we highly recommend

-Hop through 3 local bars and pubs with a local tour guide

-Have a feast with a variety of food and drinks that you can try

What's included

-5 drinks &3 dishes (you can select from our menu)

-Hop through 3 local izakaya bars with a local guide who speaks English or Chinese.

-Photographing during the tour

Local Specialties

-Tokamachi is famous for its high quality rice and veggies, which are fresh and rich in flavor. Some of veggies are aged under the snow or in the room covered by snow, so that its taste becomes sweeter and even more flavorful.

-Also local branded aged pork, Tsumari Pork, is very popular there. Since it is bred with healthy food and environments, it is very juicy and tender and contains 10 times more vitamin E than normal pork.

-Niigata's sake is one of the best in Japan, because of high quality rice and great sake brewing technique that has developed during long winter covered by snow. There are many sake breweries there, so you should try as many as you can!


On arrival at the meeting point in Echigo-yuzawa station, our tour guide will take you around the local alley in Tokamachi, about 30 mins. away from Echigo-yuzawa.

The first bar in the tour is located along the backstreets of a local alley. You can enjoy authentic snow country food like radish skin pickles, mountain vegetables, Ochazuke (rice in dashi soup), and local beer & sake there.

2nd and 3rd places are going to be surprises!

We're looking forward to meeting you and having fun together!


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My name is Akira - I have a travel company in Tokamachi, a beautiful town located in Niigata prefecture.

Had worked in sales for nearly 10 years after graduation. While visiting Tokamachi for business frequently, I met various people and participated Japan Community Revitalizing Program there from 2015.

During working as JCRP participant, I always asked myself: “Isn’t it so hard for just an employee of a company to change the community? What is really needed for this town?” Thus, I decided to start up a company with the team members who share the same vision - to share the beauty of the local culture of Tokamachi with people from all around the globe.

Where we will meet

In front of the TICKET GATE of JR Echigo-Yuzawa station. Our guide will be holding a sign "Niigata Izakaya Hopping"

What I will provide

-5 drinks &3 dishes (you can select from our menu)

-Hop through 3 local izakaya bars with a local guide who speaks English or Chinese.

-Photographing during the tour

What to bring

Please bring some cash in case you wish to order more


-You do not have to pay for the guide's food and drinks

-Please bring some cash for your additional orders

-Only people above 20 years of age can drink alcohol by Japanese law

-Out of respect for our other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time

-Please note that you will not be able to join the tour if you are late for more than 5 minutes

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