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Jouyo Manju Making & Matcha in tea room

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2 hours

What we will do

It’s a combination activity of Wagashi (Japanese confectionary) Making and Chado (Tea ceremony) experience.

Let's make Japanese sweets in my kitchen. I first show you the instruction video and you will try making traditional Japanese sweet; “Jouyo Manju - a bun with a bean jam filling”. The ingredients of the ban are Japanese Yam potato and rice flour. You will also put decorations to make cute Wagashi! You will make 5 Manju.

When we are done, let's go to Chashitsu (tea room) which I renovated by myself.

There we can relax and have some tea and your sweets together.



I'm a founder of the Wagashi salon, Yu-Art Kichijoji. I graduated from Musashino Art University, I’d been working for Seiko Epson Corporation and Seiko Watch Corporation as an industrial designer. Throughout my life, I’ve focused on traditional Japanese art and culture. I've enjoyed collecting Ukiyo-e (Japanese antique arts) and studying traditional tea style. As tea has always been my passion, I started a career in Chado—the Way of Tea—, and Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) for tea gatherings.

In 2016, I left Seiko Epson Corporation and started a small salon; Yu-Art Kichijoji of Wagashi making and tea gatherings (the tea ceremony)

"Chado-the way of tea- " Career

Qualifications of Ura-Senke style tea ceremonies: 3rd-degree Instructor

"Wagashi-traditional Japanese sweets-" Career

I learned homemade type Wagashi for a year in a cooking school and I learned formal Wagashi of tea gatherings by professional pastry chefs for a year and half.

On the other hand, I design Wagashi and processes of making them with daily utensils for my salon.

Where we will meet

The host will pick you up in front of “Koban (a police box)”close to JR Kichijoji North exit. She will be in “Kimono-a traditional Japanese costume” with a small “Yu-Art “sign board.

What I will provide

Ingredients and tools for making 5 Manju(Japanese sweets)

A cup of Matcha (Powdered green tea)

What to bring

Your hands. *If you have too long nails, enjoying creating Wagashi would be difficult.


*It takes more than 2h depend on programs and number of participants. *Please bring your identification on the day.

Your guide

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