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Japanese Temples Tour in Kamakura ☺

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2 hours

What we will do

We will visit Japanese temples in Kamakura. In particular, we will meet up at Kita-Kamakura station(北鎌倉駅) and visit 4 temples-Engakuji temple(円覚寺), Myogetsuin temple(明月院), Jochiji temple(浄智寺), and Tokeiji temple(東慶寺)-.

These temples are gathered closely, so it takes about one hour on foot just to visit 4 temples.

Kamakura is a beautiful town in Kanagawa prefecture, about an hour south of Tokyo. It's sometimes called "the Kyoto of Eastern Japan".

*Every autumn, from about the middle of November to the beginning of December, the leaves change colors in Kamakura. If you visit in this season, you can see the wonderful matching of the traditional Japanese architectures and the autumn leaves!


Ululu n

I love skiing, dancing(classic ballet), eating, watching YouTube, etc..

Tour availability

☺Nonvember26, 2019

☺December23, 2019

☺December28, 2019

Don't hesitate! Message me☺

Where we will meet

We will meet up at the gate of Kita-Kamakura (北鎌倉) Station.

*not Kamakura (鎌倉) Station. Please be careful!

What I will provide

My major at the University is history, so I can explain the details about the long history of these 4 temples.

What to bring

Just the curiosity of Japanese temples!

Join casually with only 1000yen! ☺


You can join this tour by yourself/with your friends, familyh or anyone☺

We will walk for about 2 hours, so it would be a good walking excercise☺!

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