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Japanese tea ceremony experience

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What we will do

You can make a reservation to participate in the tea ceremony experience in our studio, enjoy the 45-minute service and immerse yourself in the unique Japanese culture tour.

The Tea Ceremony experience in ANKOAN kicks out your fatigue in the journey. While tasting the welcome tea made by Yuka, you can talk about the tea ceremony and whatever.

Then move to another layer of matcha tearoom, watching the process of making Matcha tea and tasting Matcha and delicious Wagashi. At this time, you’d better observe the teacher's action for making matcha carefully. Do you know why? Because you will experience to make mathca personally later on. But don't worry, the teacher will be around you to instruct and explain, so that you can fully experience the fun of making Japanese matcha.

At the same time, we can share what we see and what we feel, such as "how do Japanese people live?", "how did Japanese culture come into being?” and so on. With the experience of matcha, we, from different cultures, can get closer to each other in the process of communication, which is the highlight of tea ceremony experience in ANKOAN.

And then, please get down to tasting the matcha made by yourself, which contains Japan's profound culture, and end this pleasant experience.

In addition: you can take pictures indoor freely.


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长期的海外生活,让我学到了很多,也成长了很多。回到日本京都后,因为喜欢茶道和花道的关系,和朋友们一起开设了相关的工作室 – 暗香庵。无论在日本人眼中,还是其他国家的人眼中,日本的茶道都是能够代表日本的文化之一。


I’m your experience expert Yuka.I am the Japanese owner of the matcha culture and experience studio ---ANKOAN--- in Kyoto. I’m the professor of Saga Goryu Ikebana and the associate professor of Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Many years ago, I was so lucky to work in a university in China for more than 10 years that I was granted a good environment to introduce the tea culture, mainly the Matcha Tea Ceremony, for Chinese friends, and also got many opportunities to introduce the tea culture to my friends all around the world as well. During my stay in China, I have been studying Japanese matcha tea ceremony all year round, and get to know the tea around Asia for which I have profound comprehension.

For the past many years, I have set up a Japanese Tea Ceremony seminar in Hangzhou, China, meanwhile I have translated some Ikebana textbooks based on my own understanding of Ikebana.

As for ikebana, I have grasped its essence and researched western aesthetics at the same time. With integrating both of them, my works are not only traditional but diversified.

My name is Yuka, I can speak form of daily conversation in English, and also can speak Chinese about as well as a native speaker. I am waiting for you in Kyoto, Japan, a few thousand-year old capital with historical and cultural heritage.

Where we will meet

The studio is located in #63 Murasakino Monzen-cyo Kyoto, only 2-minute walking to famous Japanese monastery--Daitokuji Temple. The studio faces Omiya shop street (Omiyashotengai)

What I will provide

Welcome tea, light matcha, wagashi in season, and all kinds of matcha utensils

What to bring



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December 31st to January 3rd

※We will be closed for attending lectures abroad or domestic activities. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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