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Discover Tokyo LGBT nightlife

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3 hours

What we will do

On this experience, we’ll show you the lifestyle of real Japanese LGBT people, and you’ll see the nightlife through the eyes of the locals who love this area – Nichome.

Nichome is one of Asia’s largest gay towns with over 300 LGBTQ bars. also No 1 enjoyed site in Tokyo with alcohol.

I’ll show you how to experience this amazing nightlife.

For Japanese LGBT people, the LGBT bars here are the places we can be the most open; our hidden home away from home. The rule of Japanese LGBT bars is, the smaller, the more hidden, the better, so as to protect our LGBT community.

So it is not easy for you to find and enter there by yourself. With us you can go into heart of japanese LGBT.

This tour is made to be ideal for people visiting Nichome for the first time. However, even people who have come before or even a few times may be surprised upon realizing how little they broke past the surface.

We’ll show Nichome from the inside and out, giving both an overview look of the town as a whole, and stepping into a tucked-away gay bar to experience it from an insider’s point of view.

Then, let’s meet the people of Nichome. We’ll visit bars you’re definitely not likely to find on your own. we’re drinking together with master, let’s chat.

From that day on, Nichome will be your town, too.


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I’m currently 8 years student in university, researching sexuality and gender studies, and i have been doing LGBT tour for 2 years and I have visited LGBT district for 5 years. So I am professional of LGBT area haha.

I started visiting Nichome for university fieldwork. After drinking at Nichome, I found that there was nowhere else that I could laugh and enjoy the night so much. As for the results of my research, please let me introduce you to the friends and bars of the town I love. I can take you into deep LGBT site.Let's Kanpai with alcohol and nice people!!

Where we will meet

In front of BYGS Building (outside of Shinjuku Sanchome station Exit C7)

What I will provide

1 drink and table charge at each of 3 bars

What to bring

Cash for your extra drinks after the first one


Only people above age 20 are allowed to drink alcohol in Japan

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