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Traditional Vegan Japanese cuisine (Shojin Ryori)cooking

Central Japan (Nagoya, Kanazawa...)
Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
Anime & Pop Culture
2.5 hours

What we will do

I'll teach you how to cook a Vegan Japanese Shoujin course using organic and small-batch, natural farmed ingredients.

I'll demonstrate that vegan dishes can be healthy, flavorful and filling. I'll introduce you to my favorite Japanese vegan artisanal ingredients like shouyu and mirin.

We'll talk about the traditional Japanese farmers and the importance of protecting their methods.

After cooking, we'll eat the course and you can take the printed recipes with you.


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Since becoming a licensed dietitian in Ishikawa Prefecture, I have studied agriculture while working as a chef and developing the menu for a vegetarian restaurant and a café-restaurant in Kanazawa. In 2014, I began organic vegetarian cooking classes in Canada. Since returning to Japan, I had been based in Tokyo then moved in Kanazawa. I had been involved in a wide variety of activities, such as hosting natural farming and vegan cooking classes, running a stall at vegan or organic events, pop-up restaurants, and catering services.

For the overseas tourists who join my classes from around the world, I convey, through cooking, the beauty of condiments made using Japanese traditional methods and excellent ingredients obtained from natural farming.

  • Nominated for the Japanese vegetarian award in 2018 and 2019.
  • Introduced naturally farmed vegan sushi at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.
  • Aims to disseminate natural farming overseas by, for example, giving a lecture on naturally farmed vegan sushi at an event held by Bi-Rite Market, a supermarket known for changing eating habits in San Francisco.
  • Selected as a chef and served the vegan sushi chosen for the “Dream dinner” at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kanazawa.
  • Quarterly magazine “Shizen Saibai” (natural farming) featured naturally farmed vegan sushi.

I hold Nutritionist, Junior Vegetable Sommelier and Junior Olive Oil Sommelier certifications.

What I will provide

Vegan course

What to bring

Apron (Optional)

Hand towel

Your guide

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