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Private OTAKU Anime Tour in Akiba

Tokyo & around
Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
Anime & Pop Culture
5 hours

What we will do

In this tour, I, as an Otaku expert will create you an ideal Akiba day only for you!

Even before the tour, I’ll send you a questionnaire to ask what you need to do so you will never miss what you want ;)

One of examples of top things to do for anime otaku in Akihabara:

  • Hunt for anime goodies in local shops
  • Go to anime-related shrine
  • Enjoy playing arcade games
  • Have a break and chat about anime with Japanese otaku in a maid cafe

"It's my first time visiting Akihabara, but I have no idea how to have real experiences I saw in anime..."

"I really wanna have an Akiba experience but I'm running out of time..."

"There's something I wanna get, but have no idea how/where to buy..."

For those who have such demands, I offer the tour that you can finish within 5 hours!

After meeting at JR Akihabara station and a short introduction, we'll go around places.

As a native Japanese Otaku, I'm sure that I can give you the right information related to Akihabara.


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Hi! My name is Yuki, I am a private Anime Tour Guide.

Need a help in Akihabara by a professional OTAKU guy?

Let’s hang out together in this anime town

I'm Japanese and I work as a web marketing freelancer and organize multicultural meetup groups for those who want to study languages.

But I'm also an OTAKU! I grew up with tons of otaku experiences in my whole life in Japan -- I've watched 900+ anime titles!

With my otaku knowledge and connections that I made from meetup groups, I've guided more than 100 otaku friends interested in Akihabara, the heaven for otaku.

For shopping, maid cafes, food... I'm ready for any requests you may have!

Looking forward to seeing and talking about our enthusiasm for anime, Arigato!

Where we will meet

Let's meet at the cafe called ""Vie De France Dining"" which is close to ""Electric town gate"" of JR Akihabara station.

What I will provide

Private tour in Akihabara, the Otaku heaven for Anime lovers

What to bring

Some cash for your own shopping


I recommend you prepare some wishlists of what you're looking for/where you want to go, so I can arrange the tour as you'd like!

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