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Amazing World Largest Bronze Sleeping Buddha and Kabuki Theatre

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Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
Anime & Pop Culture
7.5 hours

What we will do

We explore really deep Japan in Kyushu!


1)Nanzouin is an image of the Great Buddha as he is entering Nirvana (Shakane Sanzou). Completed in 1995, its size is worth boasting as it's the biggest bronze statue of the Reclining Buddha, with a length of 41 and a height of 15m, and weighs approximately 300 tons. The Reclining Buddha statue is called Nebotokesan by the locals. It is said that the Head Priest of the Temple hit the jackpot at a lottery, and as such, it has also become a popular spot for those who want to win lotteries.

2)Kaho Gekijo : Built in 1922 (Taisho 11) and remodeled in 1931 (Showa 6), Kaho Gekijo has Hanamichi walkways extending from either side of its stage into the audience and Masu (box) seating, both of which can be called characteristic of Japanese theater construction. It is the only two-story, wooden Kabuki theater in Japan with those features that continues to make use of its original building! The theater is particularly famous for playing host to the annual Zenkoku Zacho Taikai, a day of performances by the country’s top itinerant Kabuki troupe!


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I am Moto , live in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Always seeking for new and amazing places , I would love to share these awesome experience and new places with you.

안녕하세요~ , 저는 이데 모토유키라고합니다.

즐거운 일본 , 즐거운 규슈를 같이 Enjoy합시다!

Where we will meet

Please come to Tourist Information in Hakata Station

at 8:30am

What I will provide

1) Local Train Experience

2) Nanzouin , with a little bit Okyo lesson if guests want

3) Kaho Gekijo Back Yard Tour

What to bring

1) We walk a lot, please take a easy and comfortable shoes

2) Rainy day, please bring your umbrella by yourself.


1) Lunch is not included. Please be noted.

2) Cancellation only by natural disaster or inevitable accident.

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