Ueno Standingbar, Tavern, Ramen and SOUVENIR!

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What we will do

I have visited all Japanese restaurants in this area and decided which ones are the best for the tour!

When I asked my guests who have joined another Airbnb food tour about where the hosts took guests, SURPRISINGLY, some hosts took guests to ordinary restaurants where are nothing special for Japanese foodies!

Don't worry I will take you to the best quality venues as a price in this area!

We catch up in front of Ueno station. Ueno is a big station. However, I will message you with instruction and photos, so you don't need to worry about it for sure!

After everyone arrive at the meeting spot, I will explain about where we go today.

I am going to explain about Japanese alcoholic drinks and you'll be able to experience what Japanese taverns are like.

I'll explain all dishes I order and you can pepper me with questions - ask me anything you want to know about the food and drinks on the menus of the places we visit!

Afrer we have fun in a couple or three of my favourite and the most outstanding taverns and standing bars, we will head to a ramen store.

My recommended ramen shop which I take you on the day is that everyone loves it so far!

I'm pretty sure you love this taste as well.

I will give you a souvenir which is the best souvenir you can take home from Japan for sure!

Expect some questions!


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I had stayed in overseas for 11 years and I have noticed how good Japanese food and drink cultures are!

I have been to so many nice restaurants, Ramen stores (I'm trying to eat one bowl of ramen a day and post this photo on Instagram!) and bars (Several friends run their bars as an owner bartender in Tokyo) for so many years and after I came back to Tokyo, I have focused to research Izakaya (Japanese style pub), restaurants, Ramen stores and bars, which are my passion of my life!

Now, it is the time to tell you about my experience of which bars and Ramen shops are good and what is nice Japanese drinks.

I highly recommend you to join the tour on the first night in Tokyo as I give you many tips, traveling Japan for sure!

Please follow me in Instagram @akiw0520 to see the photos with guests in taverns

Where we will meet

Ueno is a big train station. When you come there, catching JR line, please find Central Gate.(中央改札) After going through the gate, just walking forward, so you will see signboards that direct you to Hirokōji exit (広小路口) with yellow background and black letters.

Please note that it’s NOT Ueno Hirokōji station, BUT Ueno station.

What I will provide

First drink is on me you can order a soft drink if you want.

At the end of the tour, I give you a souvenir which is related to foods. Don't worry that you can take this home without any problem.

What to bring



Pls come meet me with a lot hungry! We eat several Japanese dishes straight away. Also at the end of the tour, we eat ramen. If your co-traveler is under 18, it's no problem. I serve them soft drinks.

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