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Tasing ALL TYPES of Sake with seminar

Tokyo & around
Food and drinks
Art & Tradition
Fun with Kids
City walk
Girls' Favorites
Nature & Sports
Anime & Pop Culture
1.5 hours

What we will do

Let's meet up at the exit of Shinjuku 3 Chome station and heading to the sake bar together. As soon as we arrive the sake bar, I will serve you ALL DIFFERENT type of sake ( i.e. Sparkling, Cloudy, Yamahai, Unpasteurised sake or anything like that!!)

Let's start to have a taste of sake and tell you my impression and then, explain about what the differences of each sake is.

Also, I'm going to tell you about which type of sake is good for warm, cold or room temperature and explain the meaning of what are written on the label of a bottle, which makes you understand sake type and taste much more!

I hand in a basic sake document, so you can review this whenever you like!

I give you a hint of which sake is good for eating a different type of Japanese foods.

I really hope you have fun drinking sake and knowing a bit more Japanese traditional drinks!

After finishing a taste of sake, I can take you to "Eat/Drink Like A LOCAL - Tavern & Ramen" Tour in Ueno if you like.

I have received 780 reviews for some website this so far!

It will finish at 18:00

Let's have more fun in a popular town for Japanese businessmen in Japan!



I had stayed in overseas for 11 years and I have noticed how good Japanese food and drink cultures are!

I have been to so many nice restaurants, Ramen stores (I'm trying to eat one bowl of ramen a day and post this photo on Instagram!) and bars (Several friends run their bars as an owner bartender in Tokyo) for so many years and after I came back to Tokyo, I have focused to research Izakaya (Japanese style pub), restaurants, Ramen stores and bars, which are my passion of my life!

Now, it is the time to tell you about my experience of which bars and Ramen shops are good and what is nice Japanese drinks.

I highly recommend you to join the tour on the first night in Tokyo as I give you many tips, traveling Japan for sure!

Where we will meet

When you arrive Shinjuku-sanchome station, please find B2 Exit.

Please go to ground level and you can see “ISETAN" department store across from the meeting spot.

Let’s catch up the station exit B2 on the ground level.

What I will provide

You are going to have ALL different type of Sake like Sparkling, cloudy, fruity, unpasteurised or anything like that!

What to bring

Stationeries if you want to take notes

Your guide

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