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Make savory pancakes 'Okonomiyaki' with a local Mom

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What we will do

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake. Okonomiyaki literally means "grilled as you like it." Sounds fun, right?

Well, it really is. There are several different kinds of okonomiyaki. In this class, we'll make Osaka-style okonomiyaki—the most popular, and definitely my favorite style.

You'll learn how to make not only tasty, but also pretty-looking okonomiyaki. I'll teach you the best timing for turning it over, and how to use the spatulas to do it. It's also a fun and creative part to decorate your okonomiyaki with sauce and toppings.



Hello! I’m YUMI!

I’ve lived in Asakusa for 17 years and a mother of two teenagers

When I was a university student, I visited various countries as a backpacker. The scenes I saw there, delicious foods and, above all, the people who warmly welcome me… These experiences and encounters are my roots and treasures.

In the summer of 2017, I went to Taiwan as a backpacker for the first time in 23 years. I was looking forward to going to the nice restaurant I had visited before and seeing the owner of the bar who I had played with…. As the town has developed, I found that the town no longer has any vestige of the old days. But I was warmly welcomed by the town.

This trip triggered me to start this activity, for I have a sense of discomfort with the fact that I can’t reproduce any cuisine even though I traveled around the world and ate delicious foods there many times. For people who love Japan and come to Japan repeatedly, I would like to make a place that they can come back to! The place where accept them with “Welcome back!” no matter how many years pass by! Furthermore, I would like to make an opportunity that people can taste “Japan” when they are back home.

I offer travelers in ASAKUSA this activity as an event and a place to return, and to have a special local experience and communication. As long as I have breath, I remain in ASAKUSA. No matter how old I get, I’ll welcome you with “Welcome back!”

Where we will meet

We'll be cooking in my kitchen studio in Asakusa. It takes only 7 minutes to get here by foot from Iriya station (Hibiya Line/Metro) and 13 minutes from Uguisudani station (Yamanote Line/JR). Our place is quite easy to find but if you happen to get lost, please feel free to message me.

What I will provide

◎Food : All ingredients for making Okonomiyaki

◎Drinks : Japanese tea

Drink all the tea you like. Sake and beer are available at an additional price.

◎Equipment : A Japanese placemat

You can take it home with you.

What to bring

Bring your camera and curiosity. :)


Let me know in advance if you have any dietary requests.

Your guide

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